Aides to NY governor subpoenaed in sexual harassment probe

Andrew Cuomo is resisting pressure to resign following the flurry of sexual misconduct accusations

Andrew Cuomo is resisting pressure to resign following the flurry of sexual misconduct accusations

Dozens of officials and aides in the Cuomo administration have been subpoenaed by the NY state attorney general's office in an investigation into possible sexual harassment at the workplace.

That tweet prompted a response from another former aide, Ana Liss, who has also accused the governor of sexual harassment, to post a.GIF from Jurassic Park where a glass of water trembles as a dinosaur approaches with the comment "Tfw he's approaching your desk".

"Governor Cuomo is Trump in sheep's clothing", said Rebecca Bailin, an activist who led the "Cuomo Must Go" demonstration.

A woman from upstate New York said during a Monday afternoon press conference that she felt like she was being "manhandled" as New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) grabbed her face and planted a kiss on her cheek.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Cuomo's administration lawyer Paul Fishman said, "No one should be surprised the attorney general's office is issuing requests for documents and interviewing witnesses".

Debra Katz, the attorney for Cuomo accuser Charlotte Bennett, told Bloomberg that her client's descriptions of DeRosa and other high-ranking women in Cuomo's office align with a pattern she's found in her sexual harassment cases. That happens in every investigation, and it's wildly premature to speculate what it means. "Good, thorough, and fair investigations take time". "When you have high-profile powerful people who engage in repetitive sexual harassment, they always have enablers", Katz said. In 2017 she became secretary to the governor overseeing his Executive Chamber and other state agencies.

A series of women, some of whom worked for Cuomo, have accused him of making inappropriate comments about their looks, giving them unwanted hugs or kisses, or making comments they interpreted as gauging their interest in an affair. Attorney Gloria Allred showed photos of Cuomo kissing Vill's cheek and the alleged victim says she was afraid of retribution if she came forward.

As the accusations mount, the governor has denied any wrongdoing. "I did not do what has been alleged".