McConnell Accuses Democrats of "Power Grab" by Pushing for Voting Rights

Georgia Legislature Approves Election Overhaul, Including Changes To Absentee Voting

Georgia GOP lawmakers pass sweeping bill to restrict voting: Live updates

At the conference, CBS' Nancy Cordes asked Biden whether he fears that the bills now in the pipeline in states could make it more hard for Democrats to hold their control of the US House and the US Senate in 2022.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene chooses violence nearly every day by tweeting equivalencies between BLM and terrorism, while Ron Johnson basically claimed guns don't even count as lethal weapons as long as white people are carrying them ("This didn't seem like an armed insurrection to me", Johnson said about the Capitol insurrection, though he admitted he would've been scared if the rioters had been "Black Lives Matter and antifa protesters.").

The bill now heads to Gov. Brian Kemp for his signature. Park Cannon and Erica Thomas, both African Americans. The protesters continued to yell at the officers as they escorted Cannon away from the governor's office.

It's one of two omnibus elections bills that were up for votes in the Georgia General Assembly, with the 2021 legislative session drawing to a close.

Manchin issued a statement Thursday on the "For the People Act" as the national debate on the proposal continues and Republican state legislatures consider restrictive election bills.

Rep. Kim Alexander said county elections officials shared concern about the timing and the cost of the legislation, including a requirement for more expensive security paper for ballots.

Democratic Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson a year ago mass mailed millions of unsolicited absentee ballot applications to voters who were not already on permanent lists, saying it was a way to encourage safe voting during the pandemic.

"People like the drop boxes, so I don't know why, if somebody likes something, we have to get rid of it", Burnough said.

"We have heard testimony from county election officials. that more time is needed to fully understand the fiscal and logistical impacts the provisions in these bills would have", she said.

McConnell said the legislation would "forcibly rewrite the election laws in all 50 states".

Voting rights groups have also criticized the bills giving the state election board ability to take over local election boards deemed as underperforming.

Republican Rep. Barry Fleming, who has been a driving force in crafting the bill, said that provision would only be a "temporary fix, so to speak, that ends and the control is turned back over to the locals after the problems are resolved". It would also limit drop boxes and the early voting period for runoffs. "It's sick. Deciding in some states that you can not bring water to people standing in line; deciding that you're going to end voting at [5 p.m.] when working people are just getting off of work".

Currently, law requires three weeks of in-person early voting Monday through Friday, plus one Saturday, during "normal business hours".

But those changes haven't tempered opposition from Democrats or voting rights groups. But the prospects of the bills he promoted Thursday becoming law is distant, for now, as Republicans are broadly opposed to a lot of them and the Senate is narrowly divided 50-50.

During the rally, Bishop Reginald Jackson of the African Methodist Episcopal Church called for a boycott of Coca-Cola Co. products.

Jackson, who leads more than 400 churches across Georgia, said the Atlanta-based soft drink company had failed to live up to the commitments it made past year to support the Black Lives Matter movement by not forcefully opposing the voting bills being pushed by Republicans.

"It will make what we all lived through in 2020, child's play", said Lauren Groh-Wargo, CEO of the nonprofit Fair Fight Action.

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