Noticieros Televisa: Australia continues to evacuate due to floods, a person dies

Australia during Floods

Australia during Floods

Today is expected to be a sunny day in the region, where the temperature is around 30 degrees in Sydney, the largest city in the country and the capital of New South Wales, but the rivers of this state are still treacherous due to floods and floods that have displaced more than 24,000 people since the beginning of this climate disaster.

In the state of Queensland, police divers recovered the body of a 38-year-old man from an overturned vehicle in a river.

Australians hit by devastating floodwaters began returning to their homes on Thursday as skies cleared and authorities accelerated clean-up efforts, though fresh evacuation orders were issued in some areas where water levels were still rising.

Water continued to flow from overloaded dams and rivers on Thursday, particularly in New South Wales state, leading authorities to urge caution.

Flood warnings were issued Wednesday for every state except South Australia and also for the Australian Capital Territory.

As of now, homes have been submerged, and livestock and farmlands swept away costing thousands their life support.

In the country's arid centre, water cascaded down the Uluru rock formation, a rare phenomenon described by the national park as "unique and extraordinary".

Australia deploys rescue services amid 'catastrophic' flooding

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Wednesday that heavy-load helicopters would be prepared to transport food to supermarkets where supplies were running short.

The military is being brought in to help communities recover from some of the worst flooding Australia has seen in decades.

"Their job will be out there cleaning up, making sure that we get rid of the debris, having boots on the ground", Littleproud said.

Relentless rains for five straight days - the worst downpour in more than half a century - burst river banks, inundating homes, roads, bridges and farms and cutting off entire towns in Australia's east.

"The upcoming warm weather and high levels of humidity is the flawless storm for a funnel-web spider BOOM in coming days", park director Tim Faulkner said in a statement.

"Unfortunately, this could mean that they'll be finding their way into residential homes very shortly".

Australian funnel-web spiders are among the most venomous in the world, with at least 13 recorded deaths, according to the AFP.

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