Scattered showers possible today with a First Alert for storms & Flooding Thursday

A potential severe weather outbreak is forecast across the South

Storm 5 Alert: Damaging winds, flooding and isolated tornadoes possible Thursday

With these storms moving over the same areas already hit, they could produce more flash flooding for the South, where locally another half a foot of rain is possible from MS to Alabama. Showers will still be possible again later today and overnight into early Wednesday before we clear out and dry up for Wednesday afternoon. Before we get to the rain, though, we sure hope you were able to soak up the sunshine and mid-70s today. When you see a date range that lasts around a week, that is one of the parts of the pattern that has a series of storm systems and there will likely be multiple severe weather risk days in that part of the pattern.

Threats/Impacts: "Damaging winds, localized flooding (2-4"), isolated tornado and small hail.

Thursday, we will have two waves that will move across Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky.

Long-track tornadoes are tornadoes that are on the ground for an extended period of time.

Storm Prediction Center's severe weather outlook for Thursday into Thursday night

Long Term: After the storm passes us Thursday night a cold front will sweep in and bring cooler air for Friday.

Video shows damaged buildings in Bertram, Texas from a possible tornado. Again, all of this is contingent on our region destabilizing and the warm front moving north tomorrow around midday. We'll keep a chance of showers and storms around for the weekend, too. A windy southerly wind at 15-25 miles per hour, gusting up to 40 miles per hour will keep a steady flow of warm & moist air around that will help to fuel up the storms. Right now it looks like the greatest threat for severe weather will be just off to our northwest, but we will be watching radar closely. After handsome weather Friday we continue to track increasing rain chances over the weekend.

These outlooks can go into detail about what you can expect with the incoming severe weather.

Some of those same spots had up to 7 inches of rain last week, so it won't take much to cause flooding in some areas.

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