Covid US: Biden to announce new CDC guidance on outdoor masks tomorrow

Biden Administration to Relax Outdoor Mask Guidelines

CDC expected to release new guidance soon; specifically on use of masks outdoors

"But when you look around at the common sense situation, the risk is really low, especially if you're vaccinated".

He went on to say that new guidance from the CDC is forthcoming.

Several states have already lifted their mask mandates and left the decision whether or not to mask up to individuals and businesses.

"What I believe you're going to be hearing, what the country is going to be hearing soon, is updated guidelines from the CDC", Fauci said on ABC's This Week.

Fauci also concedes that the risk of contracting COVID-19 while engaged in outdoor activities is "minuscule". Read on to find out what it is, and for more on vaccines from Fauci, check out Dr. Fauci Says Your COVID Vaccine Protects You for at Least This Long.

The highly-anticipated guidance emphasizes conducting as many activities as possible outdoors, where the virus has been found to be less likely to spread, and suggests spaces should be well-ventilated with windows kept open.

Camps should request that campers, their families and camp staff follow guidance for travelers: "Ask unvaccinated campers and staff members to engage in a 2-week prearrival quarantine that includes physical distancing, mask-wearing when not at home, avoiding unnecessary travel, and refraining from indoor social gatherings with people outside of their households".

"Nothing's 100%, but it's nearly invariable that it's indoors".

She said while the agency will be looking at the masks outdoors question, they are also cognizant that more than 50,000 Americans a day are testing positive for COVID-19 and thousands are still dying.

On Oct. 7, Fauci reiterated that being outside is "much less of a risk, but it is a risk".

"If you separate into nearly like pods of people that you know are being careful - maybe people who have been tested, you know they're negative, you know they're not being reckless - and stay with them, but not all over them", Fauci said.

And even as evidence that coronavirus rarely spreads outside without close contact, the agency has maintained its guidance about public mask-wearing amid growing impatience and pandemic fatigue. Swim around, have fun.

President Joe Biden is expected to announce updated mask-wearing guidance Tuesday, sources told CNN.

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