Former Jordanian crown prince under house arrest over 'coup plot'

Former Jordanian crown prince under house arrest over 'coup plot'

Former Jordanian crown prince under house arrest over 'coup plot'

The former crown prince, Hamzah bin Hussein, was ordered to not leave his home while reports of an attempt to overthrow King Abdullah II-the prince's half-brother-are being investigated. According to the Congressional Research Service, there were approximately 3,145 USA soldiers deployed to the Kingdom as of June 2020, with the official aim of combating terrorists and promoting stability in the region.

Following "comprehensive investigations by security services", Hamzah was "asked to stop activities and movements that are employed to target the security and stability of Jordan", al-Hunaiti said in a statement.

A top former Jordanian royal aide was among several suspects arrested Saturday in a security sweep, as the army cautioned a half-brother of King Abdullah II against damaging the country's security. Since then, King Abdullah has been a top US ally, often allowing USA troops to stage operations from Jordanian territory and participating in the anti-Islamic State campaign.

"No one is above the law, and Jordan's security and stability is above any consideration".

Those arrested in the Saturday roundup included Sharif Hasan, a member of the royal family, and Bassem Awadullah, a former senior official in Jordan's Royal Hashemite Court who had also served as special Jordanian representative to the Saudi government.

Amid rumors of "foreign" involvement in the alleged plot, Jordan's regional neighbors were quick to voice support for the monarch.

"At least 20 more people involved with Prince Hamzah have been arrested at the same time", a Jordanian source told MEE.

The Royal House of Saudi Arabia has condemned an apparent coup attempt against King Abdullah, saying they "stand by" Jordan's monarch.

Qatar expressed its full solidarity with Jordan and its full support to the decisions and measures issued by King Abdullah to preserve security and stability, and boost the process of progress and prosperity, state news agency QNA said.

The United States, which considers Jordan a critical ally and has partnered with the country for years on US -led counterterrorism operations, said that Abdullah had its "full support".

Prince Hamza bin Hussein was formerly Crown Prince of Jordan.

"Ahmed Aboul Gheit added that King Abdullah II has a high and appreciated position, whether among the Jordanian people or on the Arab level in general, and that everyone knows his sincerity and his great role in serving Arab causes".

Hamzah is the son of the late King Hussein and his fourth wife, the US-born Queen Noor.

Abdullah had appointed Hamzah crown prince in 1999 in line with Hussein's dying wish, but in 2004 stripped him of the title and gave it to his own eldest son Hussein.

Relations with Israel, meanwhile, are also at a low point, with tensions brewing over Israel's plans to annex the West Bank as well as a series of tit-for-tat diplomatic slights with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Before becoming royal court chief in 2007, he was head of the king's cabinet in 2006.

It declared independence in 1946, and despite having little oil wealth, severely lacking water and repeatedly being rocked by wars on its borders, the kingdom has managed to survive the regional upheavals.

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