Iran says it will enrich uranium to 60%

Supporters of an Iranian opposition group wave flags outside hotel where talks are taking place in Vienna

Pompeo: Biden attempting to ‘unwind’ Trump’s establishment of peace in Middle East with nuclear deal

On April 11, there was an explosion which caused a power failure at this underground atomic facility.

Pompeo explained that the Democrats have been fixated on establishing a nuclear deal with Iran since the Obama administration which Trump counteracted with the Abraham Accords, bringing peace throughout the region. "What you did was nuclear terrorism".

Rhode said no one believed that it was an American attack at the time.

Israel, which did not claim responsibility for the Natanz explosion, has often vowed it will stop Iran from ever building an atomic bomb which it would consider an existential threat to the Jewish state. "Israel is demonstrating what it can do to Iran's nuclear programme if it needs to".

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani told Lavrov that Iran expects a "return to 2015's agreements and obligations". The cabinet can authorise the security cabinet to decide, and the security cabinet can authorise the prime minister and the defence minister.

The U.S. has insisted it had nothing to do with Sunday's sabotage.

It is not clear whether Secretary Austin had any idea that this attack was about to occur before it did, or if he learned about it after the explosion.

An annual USA intelligence report released Tuesday maintained the American assessment that "Iran is not now undertaking the key nuclear weapons-development activities that we judge would be necessary to produce a nuclear device".

He also blasted the European Union for slapping sanctions on eight Iranian security officials, in response to a crackdown on 2019 street protests, saying that the blacklisting threatens efforts to restore the deal. Presidential elections are due on 18 June and President Rouhani will hand over to the new government on or around 5 August. "They should know that these actions would only make the situation hard for them". However, the Islamic Republic now has no such ships in its navy.

The JCPOA being salvaged would constitute a nightmarish scenario for Netanyahu's government.

Zarif said Iran has "no problem with returning to implementing JCPOA commitments".

Donald Trump holds up presidential memorandum pulling the US out of the Iran nuclear deal

This latest incident in Natanz is entirely consistent with past Israeli actions aimed at undermining the potential for constructive engagement between Washington and Tehran on the Iranian nuclear file. "While Israel claims these acts are aimed at preventing Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon, in fact they are aimed at provoking conflict and undermining worldwide diplomatic efforts that actually curb Iran's ability to get a weapon, namely with the JCPOA". Netanyahu warned last week that agreements with Iran "are worthless" and that Israel will do whatever is necessary "to prevent those who wish to destroy us from carrying out their plans".

Given Tel Aviv's record of lobbying the USA to take military action against Iran, it is hardly surprising that the Israelis would be keen to remind all in the region and beyond that there are options outside of diplomacy for addressing Iran's nuclear activity.

Despite the spike in tensions, nuclear talks that started last week are scheduled to continue in Vienna on Thursday.

The attack has also blown a hole in Iran's negotiating strategy of rapidly expanding its nuclear programme to gain leverage at the talks.

"The United States should know that neither sanctions nor sabotage will give them the means to negotiate and that they will only make the situation more hard for them", Zarif said.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration appeared to back away from the fallout over the Natanz incident. The new leadership in the White House has some tough decisions to make.

He added: "We cut both of your hands, one with IR-6 centrifuges and another one with 60%".

By the same token, if the Biden's administration stays quiet, such silence nearly guarantees that Iran's "hardliners" will have something new to point to when alleging that Washington was directly involved in the incident, or at least supportive of it.

In the past few weeks, there have reports of several Israeli attacks on Iranian targets including on a Revolutionary Guard base on a ship. Highly enriched uranium has a concentration of 20% or more and is used in research reactors.

"Israel's actions directly undermine U.S. efforts and a key promise of the Biden Administration, not to mention the fact that such attacks are illegal under global law", explained Dr. Rad.

President Biden has said he would be willing to lift sanctions if Iran returned to strict compliance.

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