Israeli offered to send jet to evacuate detained Jordan prince's family

Bassem Awadallah and Sharif Hassan Bin Zaid

Jordanian official statements have reported the arrest of the two men late on Saturday night

Hamzah has denied being part of any plot and says he is being targeted for speaking out against corruption and poor governance.

Price Hamza was the crown prince for four years before the title was transferred in 2004.

AMMAN: Jordan announced on Sunday that it had averted a plot against the kingdom involving a half-brother of ruling King Abdullah II, arresting close to 16 suspects accused of "sedition" and alleging foreign complicity.

After the late king's death, Hamzah was designated Crown Prince, with Abdullah II ascending to the throne.

Sisi stressed Egypt's full solidarity with Jordan and his own support for all all recent decisions taken by King Abdullah II for the sake of preserving the security and stability of the kingdom.

While very little information has been revealed about Sharif Hassan Bin Zaid, including his ties with Saudi Arabia, alleging financial investments he has in the neighboring kingdom, the internet was filled with accounts on the former royal aid now under arrest; Bassem Awadallah. After a night of fevered speculation of a wide-ranging coup attempt, the country woke up to an un-coup-like start of the week, with Safadi never using the word coup in his remarks and a routine security presence in most parts of the capital and major cities.

In light of the developments over the past two days, I put myself at the disposal of His Majesty the King, and I reaffirm that I will always remain committed to the covenant of the ancestors, loyal to their legacy, following in their footsteps, devoted to their path and mission, and to His Majesty the King; and committed to the Constitution of the dear Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. He has investments in Saudi Arabia and has both Jordanian and Saudi citizenships.

"When they (security services) intercepted certain communications speaking about a zero hour, then it was clear that they (the alleged plotters) moved from designs and planning to action", Safadi said.

"We support the steps taken by King Abdullah to maintain Jordanian national security, stressing that Jordan's security and stability is a supreme Palestinian interest".

Yet Safadi's news conference Sunday did little to address questions surrounding the weekend's dramatic evens.

At the same time, the king's tough reaction - placing his popular half-brother under house arrest and accusing him of serious crimes - illustrated the limits on public dissent he is willing to tolerate.

"I am not responsible for the lack of faith people have in their institutions", Prince Hamzah said in one of the videos given to the BBC. He declined to say whether the unidentified foreign entities were people or governments, and if any money was paid to those involved in the alleged plot.

The move to place Hamzah under house arrest is said to have followed his visits to Jordan's tribal leaders, in which he is believed to have garnered support, the BBC reported.

"This represents another indicator of the implication of outside groups in suspicious activities that were thwarted to protect Jordan and its stability", he said.

"I am an Israeli living in Europe". He has also worked with Erik Prince, the notorious USA mercenary boss.

Mr Safadi said that Prince Hamza and those who had been detained will be referred to the state security court.

"What I will say is that two aims coincided".

Safadi accused Awadallah, now a prominent businessman in the Gulf, of handling the contacts with foreigners.

He added that when presented with the investigation's results, the king had initially opted to speak to the prince directly and deal with the situation as an internal family matter.

He lashed out at Jordan's "ruling system", saying several of his friends had been arrested, his security detail removed and his internet and phone lines cut. That included Israel, which signed a peace treaty with its neighbor in 1994.

Israel's Defence Minister Benny Gantz said "Jordan is a neighbour and strategic ally with whom we have peaceful relations".

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