Jordan's Prince Hamzah says he will disobey army orders, won't keep silent

Jordanian Prince Hamzah bin al-Hussei president of the Royal Aero Sports Club of Jordan and his wife Princess Basma attend a media event to announce the launch of

Jordan's Prince Hamzah says he will disobey army orders, won't keep silent

The King renewed his full and "natural" solidarity with King Abdullah II and expressed support for all of his decisions to ensure stability and security in his country.

In a statement published by the state news agency, the military said the warning to Prince Hamzah was part of a broader, ongoing security investigation in which a former minister, a junior member of the royal family and unnamed others were detained.

Jordanian security forces arrested a former adviser to King Abdullah, a member of the royal family and others on "security related" grounds, the Petra state news agency said.

"Jordan is a great friend of Pakistan, peace, security and stability of Jordan is very dear to Pakistan", said Ashrafi, who is also the chairman of the Pakistan Ulema Council.

The widow of Jordan's late king defended her son, Prince Hamzah, against allegations by the authorities that he carried out actions targeting "security and stability" in the kingdom.

Sherif is a title given to those close to the royal family in Jordan.

Mr Safadi went on to allege that a man with links to foreign security services had offered Prince Hamzah's wife, Princess Basmah, a flight out of Jordan.

Who else has been arrested?

He said: "The investigations had monitored interferences and communications with foreign parties over the right timing to destabilise Jordan".

Prince Hamza said in a video recording he was under house arrest and had been told to stay at home and not contact anyone, and Queen Noor, the widow of late King Hussein, said the authorities' accusations against him were slander.

The Washington Post had first reported that the former crown prince was "placed under restriction" as part of a probe into an alleged plot to unseat the king.

Jordanian state media confirmed that a number of officials were detained for security reasons, but denied reports that Prince Hamzah was among them.

"[Jordanians'] wellbeing has been put second by a ruling system that has decided that its personal interests, financial interests, that its corruption is more important than the lives and dignity and future of the 10 million people who live here", he said. "The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is a greatly valued partner for the UK", said James Cleverly, minister for Middle East and North Africa. He also attended Harvard University in the United States and has served in the Jordanian armed forces.

Stability in Jordan and the status of the king has always been a matter of concern, particularly during the Trump administration, which gave unprecedented support to Israel and sought to isolate the Palestinians, including by slashing funding for Palestinian refugees.

Most of Arab countries, including Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, and Egypt, expressed solidarity with the Jordanian king. He has good relations officially with Abdullah, his half-brother, and is a popular figure close to tribal leaders.

Before becoming royal court chief in 2007, he was head of the king's cabinet in 2006.

He had played a key role pushing for economic reforms in the country before he resigned in 2008 amid criticism over alleged interference in sensitive political and economic issues.

It declared independence in 1946.

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