Look Forward To Staying In Touch: Trump Launches New Website

President Trump launches website to advance 'America First' agenda

An official website of Trump launched to stay connected with supporters

Lara Trump's Facebook video in which she interviews her father-in-law, former President Donald Trump, was removed after being informed that his voice is even banned from the platform.

Lara posted a screenshot of an email from Facebook that said her video with Trump had been removed, citing the ban on his accounts.

Hannity read an email Dan Scavino apparently received before commenting, "Now Dan Scavino, who works for President Trump - just 'cause you work for President Trump, you can't post on Facebook".

"I'm doing things having to do with putting our own platform out there that you'll be hearing about soon", Trump said in an interview with Fox News contributor Lisa Boothe.

Shortly after the video went up on her Facebook and Instagram pages, it was pulled down.

"We removed content from Lara Trump's Facebook page that featured President Trump speaking", the message from Facebook stated.

The social media giant banned Mr Trump from its platform in January following riots by his supporters on the Capitol building in Washington.

Donald Trump was also banned from Twitter and YouTube.

While Facebook won't host the video itself, Lara Trump opted for a workaround to the workaround, linking to the interview on Rumble, a video sharing website that saw an influx of Trump supporters late past year.

The question of whether Donald Trump will ever be allowed back on Facebook or Instagram is to be decided by the company's Oversight Board.

The spokesperson confirmed it would not be removing news coverage of the former president. Clegg noted that, under the Oversight Board's charter, the decisions it makes are binding and, allegedly, can not be overruled by Zuckerberg "or anyone else at Facebook".

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