Will you watch or attend the 2021 All-Star Game?

Atlanta about Major League Baseball's decision to pull the 2021 All Star Game from Atlanta over the league's objection to a new Georgia voting law

Lauren Boebert silent on MLB moving All-Star Game to her state after attacking decision to leave Atlanta

Georgia does allow first-time voters to use documents such as utility bills, bank statements and government documents that show the person's name and address as identification if they were not able to prove residency when they first applied to vote.

Kemp and others also have said that Colorado requires photo identification to vote, which is false. Critics accused Georgia Republicans of attempting to suppress the minority vote in the state, despite the fact that the new Georgia law expands early voting for primary and general elections.

While one could pick and choose portions of Georgia's law and compare them to the laws in other states, the overarching criticism of Georgia's new voting law is that it restricts voting access - by, for example, limiting the number of absentee ballot drop boxes and diminishing the time voters have to request absentee ballots - and that it was passed with votes exclusively from the political party (Republicans) that just lost two U.S. Senate seats (and a presidency) during an election that saw record-breaking turnout.

Kemp also criticized the president for appearing at the NCAA championship game in IN, given Biden's comments, because in was "the birthplace for the photo ID requirement".

Major League Baseball moved the All-Star game after Biden told ESPN that he would "strongly support" moving the July 13 game because of the law he described as "Jim Crow on steroids". The options include common identification cards like a driver's license, USA passport or government employee ID - but Colorado also accepts Medicare and Medicaid cards, college IDs, utility bills, bank statements and paychecks.

When voting absentee in Colorado, voters only need to provide identification for the first time they cast an absentee ballot.

It should also be noted that Georgia's new voting law is close to 100 pages and deals with far more than voter-ID requirements. Instead, the state mails a ballot to the person's home, and then matches their signature against a database when the ballot is returned.

With this decision, we'd like to know, will you watch the All-Star Game in-person, on broadcast, or not at all? The 2019 All-Star Game in Cleveland, Ohio, generated an estimated $65 million in local economic activity. Census data reported by Fox News indicates Atlanta is 51% black, while Denver is 76% white.

Baseball's 91st Midsummer Classic is scheduled on Tuesday, July 13, at the Colorado Rockies' Coors Field.

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