Palestinians flee from rockets

Palestinians stand near ruins of buildings destroyed by ongoing Israeli airsrtikes in Beit Lahia Gaza

Israel news – live: US staff pulled from area as military set to approve Gaza ground invasion

Both sides pressed for an advantage as cease-fire efforts gathered strength. Violence between Arabs and Jews within Israel has also been increasing.

When asked by a reporter if the president still believes he has not seen an overreaction, Psaki said, "Again, I think the president believes that Israel has a right to self-defense".

The spiraling violence has raised fears of a new Palestinian "intifada", or uprising at a time when there have been no peace talks in years.

Israel carried out hundreds of air strikes in Gaza into the early hours of Wednesday, as the Palestinian groups fired multiple rocket barrages at Tel Aviv and Beersheba.

"Fighting has the potential to unleash an uncontainable security and humanitarian crisis and to further foster extremism.", United Nations spokesperson Stephane Dujarric said.

Palestinian militants have fired some 1,800 rockets and the Israeli military has launched more than 600 air strikes, toppling at least three apartment blocks.

Health officials in Gaza said 13 people were killed in northern Gaza on Friday - the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr - including a woman and her three children, whose bodies were recovered from the rubble of their home.

Eight people have died in Israel since Monday. Only his 5-month-old son Omar is known to have survived. At least 230 Palestinians and 100 Israelis were wounded.

White House spokesperson Jen Psaki said the United States would use its relationships in the region to try to help end the crisis diplomatically. A total of seven Palestinians were killed and dozens injured in clashes between Palestinian demonstrators and Israeli soldiers in the West Bank on Friday, the Palestinian health ministry said. It was part of a large operation that also involved airstrikes and was aimed at destroying tunnels beneath Gaza City used by militants to evade surveillance and airstrikes that the military refers to as "the Metro".

Lt Col Jonathan Conricus, an Israeli military spokesman, said tanks stationed near the border fired 50 rounds.

Hamas military spokesman Abu Obeida said the group was not afraid of a ground invasion, which would be a chance "to increase our catch" of Israeli soldiers. The administration has announced $130 million in assistance to the Palestinians, which appears aimed at encouraging them to return to negotiations with Israel.

The conflict has reverberated widely. In just over 24 hours, the current round of violence, sparked by religious tensions in the contested city of Jerusalem, increasingly resembled that devastating war. Palestinian officials reported 11 Palestinians were killed in the violence.

"To the best of my knowledge, they are not home to civilians".

Two of the towers also housed worldwide and local media outlets, including some with sympathies to Hamas and the Lebanese Islamist political party and militant group Hezbollah, but others with no affiliation to political or militant groups. One Lebanese was killed.

A heavily damaged house is pictured in a residential area in the city of Yehud, in central Israel, on May 12, 2021, after rockets were fired by the Hamas movement from the Gaza Strip. He said police had clashed overnight with individuals in Lod and Tel Aviv who hurled rocks and firebombs at them.

Police and protesters began with clashes in the streets of East Jerusalem fighting over impending evictions and at the Al-Aqsa Mosque before the rocket attacks commenced.

The fighting broke out late on Monday when Hamas fired a long-range rocket at Jerusalem.

As Israel and Hamas plunged closer to all-out war, despite worldwide efforts at a cease-fire, communal violence in Israel has erupted for a fourth night, with Jewish and Arab mobs clashing in the flashpoint town of Lod.

The US has withdrawn approximately 120 military and civilian personnel from Israel amid ongoing hostilities between Israel and Hamas. President Joe Biden has expressed his support for Israel, which has drawn controversy among some progressive members of the Democratic Party.

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