Donald Trump Honors Fallen Heroes-Not the 'Long Weekend'

Joe Biden holds long meetings in the White House

Joe Biden holds long meetings in the White House

Biden delivered remarks on the sixth anniversary of the death of his son Beau, who served as a major in the Delaware Army National Guard, including a tour of duty with US forces in Iraq before dying of cancer in 2015. Hundreds of patriots gave their all, each of them leaving behind a family who live with their pain and their absence every single day. "7,036 fallen angels who have lost their lives in these conflicts and this Memorial Day we honor the legacy and the sacrifice", Biden said.

"Six years ago today, Hunter lost his dad and I lost my son", Biden said, referring to his grandson Hunter, who was also in attendance. "I alway feel Beau close to me on Memorial Day, I always know where I need to be, right here honoring our fallen heroes".

President Joe Biden honored America's war dead at Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day by laying a wreath at the hallowed burial ground and extolling the sacrifices of the fallen for the pursuit of democracy, "the soul of America". "Our losses are not the same, but that black hole you feel in your chest, as if it's going to suck you into it, we get", Biden said.

"I know the incredible pride you felt seeing your loved one wear the uniform of our country and the pride they felt wearing it", the president continued.

Hours before Sunday's ceremony, the president, first lady Jill Biden and other family members attended a memorial Mass for Beau Biden at their local church.

He said the anniversary of his son's death is a hard time of year for him and his family and that he always feels close to his son on Memorial Day, CNN reported.

The former Republican US president, Donald Trump, was said earlier to be planning more rallies with supporters in June as he hints at a White House bid for 2024. "These Americans weren't fighting for dictators, they were fighting for democracy".

"The moment that we celebrate it is the toughest day of the year".

Biden also emphasized the recent decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan later this year and thanked military personnel for multiple missions in the longest war in the United States. He also touched on several issues the country is now grappling with, including voting rights and racial equality.

"Democracy itself is in peril, here at home and around the world".

"Democracy thrives when the infrastructure of democracy is strong".

The president has criticized the new election law in Georgia and the restrictive voting bill under consideration in Texas, calling on Congress to pass the For the People Act, the sweeping voting rights legislation. After beginning with an emotional remembrance of his late son, Biden acknowledged the unheralded sacrifices made by the service members and their families. "We all are called by God and by history and by conscience to make our nation free and fair".

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