USA government says no evidence seen by military personnel are alien spacecraft

Unclassified UFO findings to reveal US intel community can't explain aerial objects: report

U.S. officials: UFOs could be alien tech—or they could belong to Russia or China

Led by the Navy, the task force was established a year ago to "improve its understanding of, and gain insight into, the nature and origins of UAP incursions into our training ranges and designated airspace", Pentagon spokeswoman Sue Gough told Reuters.

The report was stipulated when former US President Donald Trump signed the $2.9 trillion coronavirus relief and government funding bill into law last December. A 2019 poll conducted by Gallup revealed that a third of adults in the U.S. believe UFO sightings involved aliens spaceships.

While UFOs are associated with possible alien life, many security experts believe the unidentified sightings over U.S. military sites could be advanced drones developed by rival powers such as Russian Federation or China.

Although it seems virtually impossible to find a topic that can unite all Americans, the Pentagon's upcoming report on UFOs appears to have aced the task.

The calls intensified in 2017, when The New York Times released a report that included testimonies from multiple U.S. military pilots who claimed to have seen UFOs.

Interest was piqued in the possibility of highly intelligent extraterrestrial life after the Pentagon released videos a year ago, in which Navy pilots express amazement at the fast-moving objects they see.

Last month, former US Navy pilot Ryan Graves told CBS' 60 Minutes that sightings like this were common while he was serving.

The former naval lieutenant said he was anxious by the incidents and the Pentagon's response.

But senior US officials cited in the Times article said the report's ambiguity meant the government was unable to definitively rule out theories that the unidentified phenomena might have been extraterrestrial in nature.

He said their lightning speed and handling was superior to his advance FA-18 warplane.

"The sense I have from the briefings I've sat in on is nobody knows what to do about it. But there's, there's something out there that was better than our airplane". The move is widely considered a U-turn by USA authorities, who have been reluctant to speak on the issue, let alone share information on UFOs.

The Pentagon has increasingly acknowledged the existence of UFOs as a real concern to the government. "They did not have an easily explainable pattern", Obama said.

Former President Barack Obama also acknowledged on The Late Late Show with James Corden in May that the government has unexplained UFO footage.

What will upcoming UFO report say?

Numerous 120-plus sightings reviewed in the classified intelligence study from a Pentagon task force were reported by U.S. Navy personnel, while some involved foreign militaries, according to the Times.

That's because the Pentagon has long resisted acknowledging that some of what has been observed is simply unexplainable despite compelling evidence that these objects displayed characteristics that are not normally associated with conventional aircraft.

It is likely to be an interim report that will meet the intent of Congress with a promise to provide another report at a future date.

A Pentagon spokeswoman, Sue Gough, declined to comment on news reports about the intelligence report.

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