Prize Money at Royal Ascot 18 Percent Higher this Year

Prize Money at Royal Ascot 18 Percent Higher this Year

Prize Money at Royal Ascot 18 Percent Higher this Year

So far, 2016 has been an exciting year for fans of horseracing, with a number of key events having already taken place. This includes the exciting Cheltenham Festival and the traditional horseracing event that is the Grand National. However, there is no need to panic, as racing fans still have plenty of other huge racing events to look forward to over the remainder of this year.

One of the key events that many people will be looking forward to is the world-famous Royal Ascot, which takes place from 14th to 18th June. As always, this vibrant event is set to draw in crowds from far and wide with many coming to enjoy the races and many others coming along for the atmosphere, the fashion element of the event, and just to enjoy a unique and memorable day out. 

A boost in prize money

As always, there will be huge numbers of people heading over to Berkshire in order to enjoy the races this year. Many will simply be going to enjoy the experience while others will be hoping to use their betting prowess to make some money. Sites such as Betway will provide racing fans with all of the up to date information and news about the race as well as betting odds. If fans keep a close eye on these odds during the event they can increase their chances of a win during this thrilling racing event.

The competition this year at Royal Ascot promises to be more exciting than ever largely due to a huge boost in the prize money that is being given away. Those taking part this year will get to enjoy a huge 18 percent increase in the total prize money pool, which means significant winnings for those who are successful in the various races this year and increased interest from overseas talent.

This equates to a prize money increase of £1 million in total, bringing total prize funds to a staggering £6,580,000 over the course of the event. There are thirty races that will take place at Royal Ascot this year and each one will come with a minimum of £80,000 in prize money – last year the minimum was £60,000.

The Prince of Wales Stakes and the Queen Anne Stakes will be the main beneficiaries of the prize money increase at the 2016 Royal Ascot event. Previously, the prize money for these two races came in at £525,000 and £375,000 respectively. However, following the boost in prize money for this year’s event this will increase to £750,000 for the Prince of Wales Stakes and £600,000 for the Queen Anne Stakes.

An official from Royal Ascot said that part of the reason behind increasing the prize money this year was to ensure that the event remained as competitive as possible both nationally and internationally. He added that this also increased the chances of attracting talent from around the world.

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