Car2go Upgrades To Mercedes For Car Sharing In Austin

Car2go, the German-owned carsharing company known for its ubiquitous two-door Smart cars, is adding Mercedes-Benz four-door vehicles to its Vancouver fleet of 1,000 cars.

"Car2Go is already the most popular car-sharing service in the world", said Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche. Including the 2017 CLA and GLA models.

Members can opt to drive a Benz vehicle the same way they would a Car2go Smart auto: by finding a auto using the app, reserving the vehicle and entering their 4-digit pin number.

Come the end of February, car2go members in Vancouver will be able to choose from approximately 150 Mercedes-Benz GLA sedans and 100 CLA sports utility vehicle. The idea was to see how many people were interested in a higher-end vehicle in the car-sharing market.

Car2go anticipates that Mercedes-Benz vehicles will make up most of its North American fleet by the end of this year. The service will roll out to additional North American cities within the year.

The cars are now available in D.C., Austin, Portland, and Seattle, the company says, and it will introduce them to more cities throughout the year. The reason for Car2go rolling out these larger cars is to not only offer more options for users, but also to suite the needs of those that may not be able to use the smaller Smart fortwo vehicles that they are now offering up.

According to a recent study, for each blue-and-white car2go vehicle you see around town, there are seven fewer personal cars on the road. Mercedes vehicles will cost $0.47 per minute, $19 per hour, or $79 per day, which is more expensive than the smart fortwo's rates of $0.41 per minute, $15 per hour, and $59 per day.

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