Russian Federation to check space flight engines over faulty parts

A Progress cargo ship plunged into the Pacific Ocean in May 2015, and a Proton-M rocket carrying an advanced satellite broke up in the atmosphere shortly after launch in May 2014.

Though Soyuz and Proton-M are manufactured at the same Voronezh plant, Rogozin did not comment on the Soyuz engines.

"All those guilty of technology and document substitution will be severely punished". Following an investigation into the incident, Russian Federation has grounded all its Proton-M rockets for three-and-a-half months. "Engines of the second and third stages will be changed", the deputy prime minster added. There have been reports that the engines were recalled because workers had replaced some parts with shoddy components during construction.

-Russia has grounded all flights of its Proton-M rockets for another three and a half months, following a crash last December that destroyed one of the rockets minutes after liftoff. The factory has recalled both second and third stages of the rocket since the incident. Some Proton-M rockets are still being inspected.

"Instead of using materials containing precious metals. less heat-resistant components were used, which are normally used for other engine models", says a report published in the Kommersant paper.

Rogozin said workers at the Voronezh plant had been directed to "switch technology and documentation".

The Proton-M rocket, a stalwart of the Russian space program, is used primarily for military and commercial satellite launches. "A necessary check of engines with possible technical defects will be made", Roscosmos space agency said.

The head of the factory resigned last week "for reasons of unsatisfactory work and product quality".

Russian Federation is the only country capable of launching astronauts to the ISS.

"The cause of the accident was off-nominal mechanical separation of the launch vehicle's third stage and the cargo spacecraft", Russian space agency Roscosmos said in early December, after an emergency committee investigation.

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