Turbulence injures 27 on Aeroflot flight to Bangkok

Aeroflot's Boeing 777 takes off at Sheremetyevo international airport

Russia's Aeroflot Plane Hit by Severe Turbulence Over 12 Injured Sputnik Maksim Blinov

In a statement, Aeroflot said that the Boeing 777 was hit by what is known in the aviation industry as "clear air turbulence", which they say was impossible to predict.

The Aeroflot flight from Moscow left three babies with broken spines after the infants were thrown out of their mothers' arms in the shock turbulence, one hour before landing in the Thai city. According to Zibrova, some of the injured were unconscious and some appeared to have broken noses and possibly broken spines.

"Babies are covered in bruises, people lost consciousness".

Luggage as well as food and drink from the trolleys was strewn all over the cabin. Those injured were said to have been sitting on the aisles.

The head of the Russian embassy's consular department Vladimir Sosnov told RIA Novosti news agency that some of the injured were undergoing operations but he could not give exact numbers. Interfax reports a source told them the plane had not yet begun its descent into the airport at the time the turbulence occurred and passengers had not been told to fasten their seat belts. Aeroflot described the crew as experienced; the pilot had flown more than 23,000 hours and the co-pilot 10,000.

Some 17 people, including 15 Russians, remain in hospital in Thailand's capital Bangkok after an incident with a plane of Russia's flagship air carrier Aeroflot that hit an air pocket, a Russian diplomat said.

One of the passengers posted a video saying that the turbulence "was so bad that it was throwing people around like insane".

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