Destiny 2 Pop-Tarts Are A Thing

Destiny 2 Pop-Tarts Are A Thing

Destiny 2 Pop-Tarts Are A Thing

Activision did not detail the DLC that'll be offered as part of this promo.

If you're looking for special gear to be ready to fight Ghaul's forces, then Rockstar Energy Drink is what you need. These can be found in participating retailers across the US, UK, Canada, and Germany. For Rockstar, if you grab one of the Destiny-branded cans, you'll get some sort of gear for your character, although Activision hasn't yet specified what the gear will be. You'll also get a code you need to enter here starting September 1.

Not sure what to pair with your Rockstar to prep for all the alien carnage you're about to partake in?

Destiny 2 players will be able to gain bonus goods by buying Rockstar Energy drinks and Pop-Tarts. What better medley of flavors could possibly happen in your mouth than that of a Rockstar Energy Drink and a gooey Pop-Tart.

All fans know is that they will be able to redeem codes printed on select Rockstar cans in exchange for Destiny 2 rewards. Boy, have we got an awesome deal for you.

They add, "Additionally, Pop-Tarts will feature custom-designed, collectible packs highlighting each Guardian Subclass, and you can look for those Hunter, Titan and Warlock packs to hit store shelves in 8-count and 12-count varieties this September".

Both of these promotions begin on September 1. Similarly, you'll see specially-marked packages of Pop-Tarts in stores in September.

Destiny 2 is the long awaited sequel to the highly acclaimed Destiny.

I think the only one more excited than us about this announcement is your dentist!

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