Disney installs statue to honor toddler killed by alligator

The lighthouse memorial at the Walt Disney World Resort

The lighthouse memorial at the Walt Disney World Resort

Disney World has unveiled a lighthouse statue memorializing the toddler killed by an alligator at one of its hotels in Orlando a year ago.

Lane Graves was vacationing at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort and Spa in Orlando with his family when he was snatched by the alligator as he waded in the water.

He was scooping sand on the beach area when the alligator appeared out of Seven Seas Lagoon.

Wildlife officials classified the killing as a predatory attack, saying the boy did nothing to provoke the alligator.

The boy's parents, Matt and Melissa Graves, who live in Nebraska, formed the foundation to provide financial support for to families with children in need of organ transplants at Omaha healthcare facilities.

The statue has a plaque that reads: "Presented by The Lane Thomas Foundation, A Beacon of Hope, A Light of Love". The child's body was found 16 hours later and his death was ruled an accident.

Even though there is no amount of time or material things that can bring Lane back, the family is happy with the lighthouse statue which has been erected in his honor.

Since the attack Disney has installed more signs warning people about alligators in the lagoon.

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