Pizza Vending Machines Are Now a Thing at Little Caesars

Source Little Caesars

Source Little Caesars Source Little Caesars

The first devices are being unveiled at more than a dozen Little Caesars locations in the Tucson, Ariz., area, USA Today reported.

To order a Reserve-n-Ready pie, customers can place an order and pre-pay using the Little Caesars mobile app.

Today, Little Caesars, home of HOT-N-READY, gives its patrons a glimpse into the future by streamlining the process of getting a pizza with a new, customer-focused RESERVE-N-READY service.

Scrivano said the machines add convenience and are aimed at making it faster and easier to pick up a pizza, and the company is touting the portal as the "first heated, self-service mobile order pickup station" in the fast-food business.

The machines are like lockers that keep pizzas hot until you pick it up. The app will notify the customer when the pizza is ready. Then, the door on the customer's secured compartment opens, and they take their hot, fresh order.

Tucson, ARIZONA- If you ever thought delivery was just too slow for pizza, we have the solution for you.

"The genuine objective behind integrating advanced technology into our stores is all about improving the customer experience, and building on our convenience and quality", Little Caesars President and CEO David Scrivano said in the release. "This is a way for us to combine (our mobile technology) with our Hot-N-Ready system to make it easier for people".

The pizza portal, also called the Reserve-n-Ready, will undergo a trial run in select tests stores and will expand to other markets later in the year.

The technology was co-developed by a provider of automated dispensing systems, Apex Supply Chain Technologies.

The company did not say if the Pizza Portals will be available at Little Caesars Arena this winter.

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