Kirsten Gillibrand the Brave Enters the Democratic Presidential Ring - Hit & Run

US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand speaks during Day 1 of the Democratic National Convention at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Kirsten Gillibrand Officially Joins 2020 Presidential Race Via Twitter AFP 2018 SAUL LOEB

Someone who isn't afraid of progress. She will travel on Monday to campaign in MI, followed by stops in key early contest states of Iowa and Nevada.

Joe Biden is the scheduled headliner at a Democratic Party dinner in DE, his home state, as the former vice president considers whether to make another White House run. (By the way, on that moon-landing allusion, she probably owes Cory Booker for copyright infringement.) And as for getting money out of politics, it's ironic that Gillibrand herself doesn't seem to want to walk the walk, as the first item on her campaign page is an ad asking for donations.

The senator from New York plans to make the first speech of her presidential campaign in her home state next Sunday in front of Trump International in Columbus Circle in New York City, the video said.

Evoking the moon landings, Gillibrand declares that her socialist agenda is entirely doable if we are just "brave" enough to put our minds to it. "That's what fear does", Gillibrand said in the video, denouncing Mr. Trump's proposed border wall and the Muslim ban in accompanying images.

Calls for universal health care, paid family leave for all, a stop to gun violence and passage of Green New Deal...

Currently, Gillibrand has yet to reach the 1% marker in polls, a Democratic National Committee requirement to be included in the upcoming 2020 debates.

Gillibrand has sought to position herself as a unifying figure who can appeal to rural voters. Others argue a fresh face, and particularly a diverse one, is needed to energize the party's increasingly left-leaning base.

"Her announcement comes one day after Gillibrand wrapped up her third trip this year to New Hampshire, which holds the first primary in the race for the White House". She filled the New York Senate seat vacated by Hillary Clinton, but since then has won three elections to retain the seat. She has attributed the ideology shift to representing a liberal state versus a more conservative district.

The bill fell short in the Senate, but Gillibrand has been relentless about highlighting sexual assault in the military, on college campuses and in the workplace. Some criticized the senator for attacking the Clintons, who had supported her political career.

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