The Queen 'vetoes Meghan and Prince Harry's independence bid'

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

The Queen 'vetoes Meghan and Prince Harry's independence bid'

According to royal correspondent Roya Nikkhah at The Sunday Times, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry allegedly wanted to act completely independently from Buckingham Palace. "But considering the number of royals in attendance, it was a surprisingly low-key event".

Prince Harry and Prince William have now split their households. The Palace is believed to have felt that it was better to keep the Sussex's under the watchful eye of officials close to the Queen and Prince Charles.

It was previously announced that the duke and duchess of Sussex would be getting their own court apart from the one that also represents Prince William and Kate Middleton, which is based in Kensington Palace, their shared residence.

The report further suggests that the couple want to create a "Sussex brand" that would be a new style of work including humanitarianism and philanthropy, different from how the royal family has done things to this point.

It comes amid confirmation from the palace last week that the household of Prince Harry and Meghan would officially separate from that of Prince William and Kate's.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
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A royal source told Nikkhah, "They wanted their household to be entirely independent of Buckingham Palace, but were told "no".

Harry and Meghan, who are just weeks away from the arrival of their first child, joined the royals at the baptism of nine-month-old Lena in Gloucestershire.

"The Queen has given permission for The Duke and Duchess of Sussex to base their Household Office at Buckingham Palace", the statement continued.

"The Queen has agreed to the creation of a new Household for The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, following their marriage in May past year".

"The Duke of Sussex now has his own private office, which has been supporting The Duchess since the engagement of Their Royal Highnesses in November 2017". Frogmore? Sussex? Who knows what they would have named it?

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