Youth Strike 4 Climate: Hundreds of Cambridge students march through city

Students gather at Portland City Hall for a strike over a lack of action on climate change on Friday. Such groups worldwide are following the lead of a 16-year-old Swedish girl who skipped school for three weeks to protest in front of Sweden’s parliamen

Youth Strike 4 Climate: Hundreds of Cambridge students march through city

Hundreds of students and teachers from across Victoria are staging a walkout Friday as part of a global protest against climate change.

"Climate change is worse than Voldemort", read one student's handmade sign in Wellington, New Zealand, referring to the evil wizard in the hugely popular Harry Potter books and films.

Ms Thunberg tweeted she was "honoured" to receive the nomination.

- In Paris, teenagers thronged streets around the domed Pantheon building.

However, Labor national president Wayne Swan defended student activism.

Students in Lisbon were joined by several political leaders, including from the Left Bloc and Communist Party. "We can feel that something is happening", he said. "I'm striking because this is the only thing to grasp adults' attention, this the only thing to get people to start acting", Coleman said on the phone on Thursday. St. Andrews students held their own "Strike for Climate Action" protest in St. Salvators Quad, as well as holding a march down North Street. The students say that their governments have failed future generations by not cutting emissions and curbing global warming. In Europe, students packed streets and squares in London, Copenhagen, Rome, Vienna, Zurich and Lisbon.

More than 50 protests are planned in Australia alone. The country is vulnerable to rising sea levels and rapid desertification.

Waving banners and chanting, the students will march from Shire Hall to the Guildhall from around 10.30am.

PROTESTER 2: She's wasting our time by not acting now. "It's going to become fire season instead of fall", she says. She hopes Thunberg wins the Nobel Prize because it would send a "powerful" message to leaders around the world to take the climate emergency seriously. According to organisers, students from over 100 countries are likely or have already skipped classes in protest towards climate inaction.

That shows how these protests are organized from the bottom up, she said. "Here in B.C. we've seen unprecedented wildfires and floods that hurt people, communities and businesses", he said in an emailed statement Friday.

Some politicians praised the students.

The group was later invited to meet officials at the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment in two weeks.

Quaschning, one of more than 23,000 German-speaking scientists to sign a letter of support this week, said Germany should stop using all fossil fuels by 2040. It's time to take action.' I couldn't agree more.

"This is going to require radical measures and there isn't the slightest sign of that happening yet", said Quaschning. More than 1,600 events took place worldwide.

"We're inspired by the new generation of young activists fighting to put climate change at the top of the agenda", stated Spencer. "And if people aren't acting with our interests in mind, we're not going to reelect them".

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