Google testing out Play Pass app and game subscription service

Google testing out Play Pass app and game subscription service

Google testing out Play Pass app and game subscription service

The screenshots show you'll have to pay $4.99 a month to subscribe to Play Pass although you do have a 10-day free trial to check it out. Apple Arcade, which isn't live yet, is a monthly subscription gaming service that offers access to a library of mobile games (including some exclusive titles) on iOS devices. The "Play Pass" costs United States dollars 4.99 per month for access to a range of paid games and apps, according to photos shared by a user and developer code seen by the site. Apple's service will also include a family plan by default, although there's no word yet on what Apple Arcade will cost on a monthly basis. However, Apple Arcade only contains games, and the current count of titles available is around 100.

Following a rumour that originally surfaced previous year, Google has confirmed that it's now testing a game subscription service much like the upcoming Apple Arcade, offering a way for Android users to access a variety of premium, IAP-free games for a low monthly cost.

The screenshot shows game titles like "Monument Valley", "Knights of the Old Republic", "Threes", "Limbo", "Stardew Valley" available as part of the service. So what you'd really be paying for is the ability to eliminate ads, unlock all in-app purchases, and remove any other fees that might typically be associated with selected apps.

With no official information on a launch date or price, it'll be interesting to see if Google decides to scupper the launch of Apple Arcade's which goes for $7.99 by going first and significantly undercutting it with Play Pass. The video streaming service will feature a number of exclusive shows and various celebrities came on stage at the announcement event including Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg, J. After all, if the service is too expensive and not enough people sign up, Google will begin to lose money. Judging by the screenshots, that the platform will also have music apps.

Of course it's not really free since it's a subscription service. All news is curated by human editors and you can also set the app to autodownload the latest issue of your favorite magazine as it gets added to the catalogue.

Essentially, it was stated that, for a monthly fee, users could be granted access to "hundreds of premium apps and games, with no ads or in-app purchases".

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