Hong Kong protests: Demonstrators gather amid rising tensions

A man holding an umbrella looks at people with umbrellas gathered at Chater Garden to give support to the recent protests against the extradition bill at the financial district in Hong Kong Thursday Aug 1 2019. The Chinese army has released a promoti

Hong Kong protests: Demonstrators gather amid rising tensions

"There is no doubt the protesters' tactics do involve, what they would say, low-level violence - not violence against people - only against property very closely associated with the police or the government", he said.

On Friday night, crowds of protesters surrounded a police station where Chan was being held, drawing out riot police to the street outside. The demonstrators also formed a barrier by setting cardboard on fire, the Associated Press reported.

In Wong Tai Sin, a residential area, protesters hurled umbrellas and other objects at police, who responded with pepper spray and then tear gas.

Police said a large group of protesters had marked the Tsim Sha Tsui police station, in one of Kowloon's shopping districts, with paint and damaged a vehicle inside the station.

Ryan Chan, a 35-year-old chemist, said he sympathized with the protesters' ideals but was dismayed that peaceful demonstrations were increasingly devolving into violence and creating chaos in the city. BlackRock Inc. lifted its holdings in shares of China Unicom (Hong Kong) by 31,215.9% during the fourth quarter.

Across the harbour, on Hong Kong island, thousands of police supporters, mostly wearing white, held a separate afternoon rally amid a carnival-like atmosphere in Victoria Park.

Wu said the police will focus on detaining radical protesters as well as publishing more information to inform residents of possible risky locations and warn them against law-violating behaviors. This means that while people may have different opinions on a matter, they must express those opinions in a manner that respects the rights and opinions of others.

"[We]'ve got to protect our future freedom and the rule of law, so us financial workers also came out to voice our ideas", another banker surnamed Ho told The Epoch Times. They called on protesters to stick to designated routes and times after violent clashes marred previous rallies in the summer-long protest movement.

Over the past week, police have appeared at his home in an effort to arrest him for participating in an unlawful assembly, but he insists he has always played the role of mediator.

Such sentiments have propelled the current mass demonstrations, which were triggered in early June by a proposed extradition law that would have allowed Hong Kong residents to be sent to mainland China to stand trial.

Police fired volleys of tear gas followed by repeated baton charges with multiple arrests made.

A former British colony, Hong Kong was returned to China in 1997 under the framework of "one country, two systems". The framework promises Hong Kong certain democratic freedoms not afforded to the mainland.

Police initially denied activists permission to march through the neighbourhood but later allowed it after an appeal.

The Chinese army garrison in Hong Kong released a video this week showing soldiers practicing shooting protesters. LOGISTICS-BUSINESS-REVIEW.COM: We have conducted a deep analysis of how China Unicom (Hong Kong) Ltd ($CHU) has been trading over the last 2 weeks and the past day especially.

On Friday evening in central Hong Kong, thousands of civil servants defied a warning from authorities to remain politically neutral and joined anti-government protests for the first time since they started two months ago.

The Hong Kong exchange revised its listing rules in April past year, to allow companies in which founders and key managers enjoy stronger voting rights than other shareholders to list in the city for the first time.

A mob of pro-government thugs also attacked demonstrators, putting 45 people in hospital.

"We do not think that it's in the long-term interest of anyone".

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