Reporter's Notebook: Along the southern border with Republican senators

WATCH Trump Jr. SLAMS Biden for housing migrants in hotels after sheltering National Guard troops in parking garages

Joe Biden says great-grandfather left Ireland on a 'coffin ship' during first press briefing

Former President Donald Trump took the U.S. out of the accord in 2017, arguing that it put too many limits on what United States businesses could do.

USA authorities reported more than 100,000 encounters on the southern border in February, the highest since a four-month streak in 2019.

Biden said he would work with us allies to hold China accountable for its actions on Taiwan, Hong Kong, the South China Sea, and its treatment of the Uighur minority, as well as push Beijing to stick to global rules for fair trade.

"We lost everything", says Jacqueline, a pregnant 19-year-old walking to the U.S. on foot.

Failing to do so, as happened under former President Donald Trump, would undermine America's credibility, Biden said.

'We're still in a pandemic, there are still a bunch of crises, and I don't think he answered almost enough questions that I, for one, would have liked to see him answer and I think the coverage has been really disconcerting, ' the conservative co-host stated. The Guatemalan woman and her 3-year-old son, a Mexican national, survived. "They've been shining their flashlights at us, they're yelling at us".

Maynor Cruz, 29, said Biden's policies had nothing do with his decision to leave San Pedro Sula, Honduras, about two months ago, but he heard that families with young children were being allowed to remain in the United States. "That's Mexico, and you can see there are three smugglers right there, standing on the Mexico side, looking at us", Cruz said in the video. "They're great people, they're doing an incredible job".

In a Twitter post on Thursday, Cruz shared a video from the banks of the Rio Grande river while discussing the surge in asylum seekers under President Joe Biden. "You have to stop the flow, you have to tell mother that she will no longer be released in the United States". "You want to talk about inequity, that's it". The family had taken a monthlong journey from Nicaragua, which Ms. Marin said she fled because of "terrible government corruption".

'You have to see that squalor children and frankly people that have come into the country when you look at what's happening.

Graham's message to Biden: "End this madness".

'By the time we got it going, they weren't coming in at Mexico's southern border because they knew they couldn't come into the United States'.

Biden said during his press conference Thursday that he had not visited the border because it could put stress on an already precarious situation, though he did say he'd expand access to facilities where children are being held, especially for journalists. "I don't want to be, you know, bringing all the secret service and everybody with me to get in the way".

"What outrage? The outrage is that you entice people to do this", Graham said. "The reason they're coming is that it's the time they can travel with the least likelihood of dying on the way because of the heat in the desert, No 1", Biden recently said. He added, "What President Biden did today at that news conference was a disaster".

It is now obvious that the entire Democratic media terror campaign past year to demand slavish obedience to the most alarmist scientists and shut down as much of the economy and normal life of the country as possible, in order to portray President Trump as the author of a public health disaster and bottomless economic depression, was, as many of us suggested, tactical. "He didn't mean to, but I don't think he understands his own policies".

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