Andrew Brown Jr.’s family: Police bodycam footage shows ‘execution’

NC City Declares State of Emergency Prior to Bodycam Video Release of Andrew Brown Jr. Shooting

Andrew Brown Jr. shooting: Town declares state of emergency ahead of expected release of footage

Monday's developments may further stoke the furor about Brown's death Wednesday, a day after former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was found guilty of murder in last May's killing of George Floyd, which sparked nationwide protests against racial inequality and police brutality.

Few details - and no video - have been released publicly about the shooting.

Lawyers for the family said the 42-year-old Brown had his hands on the steering wheel of his auto and was complying with police orders when he was gunned down, leaving a trail of shell casings in the driveway of his home in Elizabeth City.

"He was not threatening them in any kind of fashion", she told reporters at a news conference.

Khalil Ferebee and Jamiere Revelle, sons of Andrew Brown Jr., receive counsel from Harry Daniel during a press conference in Elizabeth City, N.C., on Saturday.

Brown then backed out of the driveway as the officers continued firing and drove away, hitting a tree. He said, "My dad got executed just by trying to save his own life".

Attorney Lassiter said, "Let's be clear this was an execution", as she began explaining the video they saw. She added that they assume, based on what they did see, that there were things happening before and after the 20 seconds of footage viewed. "This was an execution".

The family's lawyers also criticized local authorities for only showing 20 seconds of the video and only showing them footage from a single body camera.

"If we don't have transparency we can never get to accountability", said Ben Crump, a civil rights lawyer and attorney for the Brown family.

Attorney Bakari Sellers said Cox used profanity toward him.

Pasquotank County Sheriff Tommy Wooten has said that multiple deputies fired shots.

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"This tragic incident was quick and over in less than 30 seconds, and body cameras are shaky and sometimes hard to decipher". Officials said they needed to blur faces. Crump argued the authorities were trying to release negative information about Brown while shielding themselves by holding back the video. Wooten's office said Monday it has requested that approval has said he would seek that approval but not until he is assured by the State Bureau of Investigation that the release would not compromise its probe. The informant described purchasing drugs at the house that was the target of the search.

Two arrest warrants released last week charged him with possession with intent to sell and deliver 3 grams of each of the drugs.

Here is Lassiter's explanation of the body cam footage. A coalition of media organizations have sought the footage, and city officials plan to do so as well.

Gov. Roy Cooper called the shooting "concerning" and urged public release of the video "as quickly as possible". Protests since the shooting in the eastern North Carolina town of about 18,000 have generally been peaceful.

© Sean Rayford, Getty Images Demonstrators block an intersection during a protest march on April 22, 2021 in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. She said it left her in tears.

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