Ontario closes all golf courses amid Canada’s recent COVID spike

Changes to Ontario's new restrictions could be coming soon

Ontario walks back new police powers following backlash

Big and small police forces across the province, however, said they had no intention of exercising their new-found powers.

Solicitor General Sylvia Jones says officers will no longer have the right to stop any pedestrian or driver to ask why they're out or request their home address in an effort to enforce a stay-at-home order.

Instead, police will only be able to stop people who they have reason to believe are participating in a - quote - "organized public event or social gathering".

As part of the Ford government's enhanced stay-at-home measures announced Friday, non-essential travel into Ontario from Manitoba and Quebec is restricted and a person may be stopped by police who may ask questions as to their objective for coming into the province.

Other new measures include further restrictions on outdoor gatherings and indoor religious services, while recreational facilities such as sports fields, playgrounds and golf courses are now closed. "Although these new enforcement measures have been given, Peterborough police will continue to be complaints-driven in our response to the increased public health measures; that means we will not be randomly stopping people".

Ford notes police officers and by-law officers will be given special authorities to enforce Ontario's stay-at-home orders.

When they are followed, the public health measures work.

Earlier at least a dozen police forces throughout Ontario, including in the capital of Toronto, said there will be no random stops of people or cars.

Yesterday, Premier Doug Ford extended the state of emergency at stay-at-home by two weeks.

"We're going to ask for a reason why you're going into Ontario and then you'll be sent on your way", said Inspector Michel Marin.

St. Thomas police said Saturday its officers will not stop people at random.

Regarding the new police and bylaw powers, Barrie Mayor Jeff Lehman told BarrieToday he has not yet discussed the plan with the local police officials. Do not gather inside or outside with anyone who is not from your household.

"Every individual who is required to provide a police officer or other provincial offences officer with information shall promptly comply", Warner said.

"We are all going through a horrific year of COVID-19 and all associated with it together".

Reduce capacity limits to 25 per cent in all retail settings where in-store shopping is permitted, including stores that primarily sell food and pharmacies.

On Friday, Ontario announced it was tightening and extending its lockdown orders to curb the pandemic, including closing its inter-provincial borders to non-essential travel.

"Ontario has the capacity to vaccinate more people, but we are lacking the supply to do it", Ford's spokesperson said.

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