Ontario Tories shoot down paid sick leave, reduced police powers

Ontario Tories shoot down paid sick leave, reduced police powers

Canada police refuse order to make random stops amid Covid surge

The motions follow a tumultuous weekend for Premier Doug Ford's government, which suffered a widespread backlash against the new COVID-19 restrictions it announced on Friday.

To that end, the science table report outlines the things that urgently need to be done - as well as things that should not be done - to bring the pandemic under control.

Immediate allocation of as many vaccine doses as possible to hot-spot neighbourhoods, vulnerable populations and essential workers.

"This includes paid sick days - even on a temporary emergency basis, so that people can afford to stay home if they're sick", Dr. Eileen de Villa said.

"As outlined in O.Reg 82/20 Rules for Areas in Stage 1, with limited exceptions, indoor social gatherings / public events are prohibited, and outdoor social gatherings / public events are limited to five (5) people - limited to members of your own household and one other person who lives alone".

Allowing small groups of people who don't live together to socialize outdoors, with masks and two metres of distance.

"While Nova Scotia isn't in a position to reallocate vaccines, I have asked our officials to consider what resources we are able to provide while continuing to keep Nova Scotian's safe", said Rankin.

Inconsistent policies with no clear link to scientific evidence.

It also says that policies that discourage safe outdoor activity will disproportionately harm children and those who do not have access to green spaces, especially those living in crowded conditions. But the following day, it reversed its decision to close playgrounds and amended its granting of extra powers to police to enforce a stay-at-home order. The government announced further business closures, but only in the construction sector, and reduced capacity limits in big-box stores.

The Ontario government and the Government of Canada also signed a bilateral agreement to enhance virtual COVID-19 efforts, with $46 million in funding to go towards expanding virtual health care services in Ontario.

The Ford government has imposed escalating restrictions to curb the spread of COVID-19 on three consecutive Fridays but has been criticized for not doing more to address the spread of the virus in essential workplaces.

Ontario's Progressive Conservative government shot down a raft of opposition proposals at Queen's Park on Monday, including motions urging it to implement a provincial paid-sick-leave program and to rescind sweeping new police powers.

Shuts down all non-essential workplaces. That letter was sent Tuesday.