Roy Keane delivers blunt take on European Super League involving Liverpool

Manchester United and Liverpool new European Superleague push - Premier League official statement | NUFC The Mag

"Along with the overwhelming majority of fans, Football Supporters Europe is wholly opposed to plans to create a breakaway Super League".

Commenting on the Super League, Sky News' City editor Mark Kleinman said: "My understanding is that 12 clubs from across Europe including the six biggest English clubs have now signed up to this new format".

The letter, signed by 17 fans' groups from 14 teams whose clubs are in the ECA, including Ajax, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund, said it was a "blatant power grab" and would "wreck domestic calendars".

No Bundesliga or Ligue One clubs understood to be actively backing the proposal.

Sunday has seen this ugly idea raise its head yet again, with the various European leagues and other authorities quick to condemn the idea / moves AND issue threats, warning the want to break away clubs what would happen.

"We have a football pyramid where funds from the globally successful Premier League flow down the leagues and into local communities". The proposals were approved by UEFA's club competitions committee on Friday and expected to be rubber-stamped by the executive committee on Monday.

Even with the proposed changes to the Champions League, there remains a possibility teams could fail to qualify. It diminishes competition. It pulls up the drawbridge.

Uefa served notice it would deploy "all measures available" to halt the "cynical project" of a breakaway Super League.

"We talk about big clubs". A scheme underwritten by U.S. investment firm JP Morgan would see an NBA-style format launched.

It was reported that confirmation of the new league being launched could come as soon as Sunday evening in Europe. "I'm a Manchester United fan and have been for 40 years of my life but I'm disgusted, absolutely disgusted", Neville told Sky Sports. I'm disgusted with Manchester United and Liverpool most. Liverpool pretend, like you'll never walk alone, the people's club, the fan's club. Manchester United, 100 years borne out of workers round here, and they're breaking away into a league without competition, that they can't be relegated from? "That's the way football has become now and it's an absolute disgrace if I'm honest".

"Fans of any club in England and across Europe can now dream that their team may climb to the top and play against the best", the Premier League said in a statement. Masters also warned the clubs that forming such a breakaway would be a direct breach of Premier League rules.

In France, where Qatari-backed behemoth Paris Saint-Germain have reportedly refused overtures to join the money-spinning breakaway competition, Macron said the proposal "threatened the principle of sporting merit".

Fans of any club in England and across Europe can now dream that their team may climb to the top and play against the best.

"The European Super League, are Arsenal in that?"

The Premier League have already released a statement threatening to ban any team that decides to take part - but an impassioned Neville called for immediate action on air, as he labelled the treatment of fans "criminal".

UEFA, the English Football Association and the Premier League, the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) and LaLiga, and the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) and Lega Serie A have learned that a few English, Spanish and Italian clubs may be planning to announce their creation of a closed, so-called Super League.

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