At least eight dead in Italian cable auto accident

A crashed cable car is seen after it collapsed in Stresa near Lake Maggiore

Italian cable car crash kills nine injures two childrenA crashed cable car is seen after it collapsed in Stresa near Lake Maggiore

In February 1998, a low-flying United States military jet severed a cable at Cavalese, a ski resort in Italy's Dolomites, killing 20 people.

According to the newspaper Corriere della Sera, the cable auto system had reopened April 24 after a closure during Italy's coronavirus-related lockdown.

At least 12 people were killed and two children seriously injured Sunday after a cable auto plunged into the side of a mountain in northern Italy, emergency services said.

A photo of the wreckage taken by the Italian fire brigade showed the crushed and crumpled wreckage of the cable auto with a clear patch of thick pine trees near the summit of Mottarone overlooking Lake Maggiore.

He said two children had been transported by helicopter to a pediatric hospital in the northern city of Turin.

Sunday was a handsome, sunny day in the area, and Mr Milan said that many families were taking advantage of the weather to enjoy a day out after months of lockdown. Italy only reopened a few weeks ago, allowing travel between regions after a winter of COVID-19 restrictions.

The cabin of the cable vehicle had 11 people.

The Mottarone peak is popular among tourists because of its panoramic views on Lake Maggiore and its picturesque islands as well as the vista of the surrounding Alps. The mountain has a small amusement park, Alpyland, and a children's roller coaster with 360-degree views.

The 20-minute cable auto ride, popular with tourists, links Stresa with the 1,500-metre summit of the Mottarone mountain, which offers spectacular views of the Alps.

Cavalese was also the scene of a 1976 disaster when a steel supporting cable broke, killing 42 people.

It is the latest incident to raise questions about the quality of Italy's transport infrastructure. In 2018, the Morandi bridge in Genoa collapsed after years of neglect, killing 43 people.

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