The latest on Covid-19 and India's worsening crisis

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison

Australian PM defends India travel ban says'deeply concerned about crisis'PremiumAustralian Prime Minister Scott Morrison

"The death of any Australian in India because of this ban will shame the Prime Minister and everyone cheering this despicable and irrational policy, " he said.

The Australian government will soon be blocking travelers from entering the country if they have set foot in India 14 days before departing on the flight towards Australia. How dare you treat us like this.

As of late March, there were 36,000 Australian citizens stranded overseas and seeking to come home.

"That worldwide border will be closed for longer than it needs to be because [Prime Minister] Scott Morrison has bungled his two key responsibilities - to get the vaccination rolled out safely and quickly and effectively, and to manage the quarantine system", Chalmers told Sky News. But even I must now say I am ashamed of Australia, making it a crime for Indian Australians to come back home, ' he said.

Many Australians, including 20 cricketers and officials, are stuck in India after the government shut the border for passenger flights, while Adam Zampa and Kane Richardson left before the shut off.

The Australian Human Rights Commission said in a statement: "The Government must show that these measures are not discriminatory and are the only suitable way of dealing with the threat to public health".

In his statement last week, Cummins had said, "As players, we are privileged to have a platform that allows us to reach millions of people that we can use for good".

Slater was reportedly able to leave India - where daily coronavirus cases have topped 300,000 for nearly two weeks - for the Maldives, but will not be allowed back into Australia for another two weeks, under the new rules.

Adding to the narrative, Minister Giles said Labor has always been concerned about the fate of stranded Australians.

"I can't believe we would impose such a travel ban on white Australians fleeing from, say, England", he said. "Every Australian citizenship is equal and to turn citizenship into a political football or to take action in any way that dilutes the meaning of citizenship, is grossly irresponsible", he added.

"It should mean that when disaster strikes, wherever you are, Australia will try to save you".

"Australians are living in a way like very few in the world today and there's a reason for that".

But on Monday, Dr Kelly told RN Breakfast he "didn't advise anything in relation to fines or any of those other matters", instead pointing to the government's utilisation of the Biosecurity Act.

With the government attempting to tone down its rhetoric around fines and jail time, Mr Morrison said the powers were at the extreme end of the scale.

"I'm an adviser, I don't make decisions for the government", he said.

But he suggested he had little sympathy for the cricketers playing in the IPL. "This wasn't part of an Australian tour", Mr Morrison said.

Three Australian players have exited the Indian Premier League amid the escalating health crisis, while Mumbai Indians batsman Chris Lynn requested Cricket Australia to arrange for a charter flight to take them home after the event is over.

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