Video shows Ronald Greene ordered facedown in deadly Louisiana arrest

Bodycam footage of Ronald Greene's arrest near Monroe Louisiana

Bodycam footage of Ronald Greene's arrest near Monroe Louisiana

His system also contained high levels of cocaine and alcohol, as well as fractures of the sternum and rupture of the aorta. "I'm scared!" Greene, who was unarmed, can be heard telling the white troopers.

Green's mother Mona Hardin said she had initially told her son had been killed in a vehicle crash.

The Associated Press earlier this week obtained and published some recordings of the incident, which showed officers tasing, punching, and placing Greene in a chokehold as he pleaded with them.

At one point in a new 30-minute video, Greene can be seen struggling to prop himself up on his side. "While the federal and state criminal investigations into this matter are ongoing, Col. Davis continues to work to improve the department so all Louisianans can have confidence in those who swore an oath to protect and serve them".

"I defeated him forever alive f - and suffocated him and everything else trying to control him", Truparkris Hollingsworth said in a batch of newly obtained videos.

Ronald Greene, 49, died after being arrested in Louisiana but a supervisor who arrived at the scene told the troopers they had done a "good job". Lay on your belly! Trooper Collie York yells before dragging the green lightly with the chain that holds the ankle bond.

York then kneels on Greene's back and tells him again, "You better lay on your f***** belly like I told you to!" He died in an ambulance on the way to a hospital, police said. "You understand" to which Greene replies: "Yes, sir".

Police-involved deaths have received intense scrutiny since the death a year ago of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Greene, his legs shackled and his hands cuffed behind his back, is prone on the ground, and two troopers can be seen hovering over him before he suddenly cries out.

"Greene was taken into custody after resisting arrest and a struggle with Troopers", the report said.

Green's autopsy described his cause of death as "a cocaine-induced excitement delirium with auto accidents, physical struggles, injured head injuries and restraints", but it did not specify a method of death.

"I'm your brother! I'm scared!" One of the policemen said to him, "Yes, yeah, that-it hurts, right?"

Greene the screams out: "OK!"

At some point, after medical assistance arrives, paramedics hear "he doesn't get enough air" and appear to have his blood oxygen level set to 86.

The AP reports Greene was left lying face down and moaning for more than nine minutes while officers used sanitized wipes to wash blood off themselves. A preliminary investigative report later announced that he died after resisting and struggling with law enforcement.

The officers' treatment of Greene has been described as "torture" and "sadistic" by a former police officer and a use-of-force expert.

Louisiana officials had for two years rebuffed repeated calls to release footage and details about what caused Greene's death after the chase, which began over an unspecified traffic violation. As I've said before, I found the full video of Mr. Greene's arrest, which I reviewed previous year, to be disturbing and hard to watch.

"The only reason I can even conjecture that this information would not be provided to the medical examiner's office is because they didn't want them to see it", Scott said. "They deliberately blocked the facts of this case and made it true".

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